Maximize value by simultaneously optimizing decisions across the mining value chain


Deswik.GO has a simple, easy-to-use interface that guides the user through a workflow based planning process. Powered by a groundbreaking engine developed in partnership with Deswik, Deswik.GO solves real sized mining problems more efficiently. With the functionality to perform fast multi-pit optimization using direct block scheduling, phase generation using mathematical techniques, schedule optimization, destination optimization, and economic analysis using the integrated reports.

Main functions that you can perform with Deswik.Go are:

*Pit optimization: Optimize the pit using direct block scheduling

*Schedule optimization: Make the plan mineable using phase bench scheduling

*Destination optimization: Ensure you are getting the most value from material movement.

*Integrated analysis and reporting: Visualize the decisions made.

For more information about Deswik.Go just contact us or go to the following link: Deswik.Go



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