1.03.2017 | Mining

New integer programming models for tactical and strategic underground production scheduling.

In this paper, we consider an underground production scheduling problem consisting of determining the proper time interval or intervals in which to complete each mining activity so as to maximize a mine's discounted value while adhering to precedence, activity durations, and production and processing limits. We present two different integer programming formulations for modeling this optimization problem. Both formulations possess a resource-constrained project scheduling problem structure. The first formulation uses a fine time discretization and is better suited for tactical mine scheduling applications. The second formulation, which uses a coarser time discretization, is better suited for strategic scheduling applications. We illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of each formulation with examples.

King, B.; Goycoolea, M.; Newman, A.

Article published in:

Mining Engineering Volume 69 Issue 3, pages 37-42 (2017)

Complete article available at: https://doi.org/10.19150/me.7360


programming models


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