We are proud to say that the technologies we use are the product of our team's collaborative research work. Here is a list of the main ones.


x Alicanto Scheduler Alicanto Scheduler is our optimization software engine used to generate strategic mine plans. x Deswik Go If you want to solve your strategic mine plans from your computer, you can buy this product from our partner Deswik. x Optimization Services We also provide customized optimization services for complex mine scenarios. x Maximize the value of a mining project With our optimization tools, we aim at maximize the mine value of our clients, subject to many restrictions. x Underground mining Alicanto Scheduler generates strategic plans for several types of underground mines. x Mining with environmental restrictions Mine plans generated with Alicanto Scheduler can include environmental restrictions, like water usage and air quality. x Mining with unusual restrictions Mines might accounts with unusual restrictions such as flooded mines.



Alicanto Scheduler is software designed to assist strategic mining planning by computing optimal task schedules. It was implemented in the FONDEF IT16M10006 project, based on the scientific work of doctors D. Espinoza, M. Goycoolea and E. Moreno
This tool computes a strategic mine plan by maximizing the value of an open pit mining project subject to economic and operational constraints. It uses advanced optimization algorithms capable of tackling very large project management problems.


Alicanto Labs also has the skills to solve special cases which are not supported by Alicanto Scheduler. With the knowledge of prescriptive analytics, we can work on an algorithm to solve your problem.


Deswik Go is a platform developed in collaboration with the Company Deswik. This platform, simplifies the experience of solving your strategic mine planning using Alicanto Scheduler.


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